PIM Meeting on Data Science: 3 July at Cmotions

22 June 2018

Article written by Marketing, Marketing & Communicatie

On 3 July there is a topical session of the PIM (Platform Innovation in Marketing) on data science at Cmotions (Amersfoort). We will be looking at the data science strategy at your organisation, an example from practical application and some important learnings relating to segmentation.


Data science: it’s the wizards’ turn to speak

This intimate interactive session on 3 July you will hear from four speakers about data science in practice:

  • Arend-Jan Nijhuis (NICM) will tell us all about the project-based approach and what it requires of the organisation.
  • Femke Schoormans (IAK Verzekeren) and Sander van der Horst (Cmotions) will talk you through a practical example of a data-driven healthcare campaign.
  • Margot Rozendaal (De Persgroep) will speak on learnings about doing online segmentation based on your offline segmentation model.

The evening will commence at 5:30 p.m. and will conclude with a drinks reception. See the full programme.



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