Omnichannel marketing

“Customer Experience. Sounds fancy, but what does it mean for me and what can I do with it?”
“How do I prevent doing wrong investments in technology and other resources, or not gaining the desired results?”
“Tomorrow I already want to see the first results of our use of data? How can I do this?”

What is omnichannel marketing?

Successful omnichannel marketing is about establishing relevant interactions which – at least – meet expectations of customers and that are of (direct) value to the business. These moments are based on delivering personalized service, content, recommendations and offers, through all channels and devices, during the complete customer journey.

We are your guide for data related challenges in omnichannel issues

(Customer) data is an essential and preconditional building block for personalizing interactions. Not just for measuring, anticipating and optimizing these effects, but also for being able to address the attribution of all resources involved.

Value - omnichannel marketing 2.0

With our expertise in omnichannel marketing we are able to assist customers with all data-related challenges that come with omnichannel business. We offer solutions that create value – both short term and for the future.


Approach & (partial) delivery

We use our 4D framework (data, decisions, design and delivery) as the starting poiont for all customer questions. This framework enables us to be of service to all customers and to address every question that might exist for each maturity level of omnichannel marketing.


Touchpoints - omnichannel marketing 2.0

Together with our customer we explore the trajectory from user case (quick win for the short term) to scalable solutions. For this, delivering business value is always paramount.

For this, we have developed a standard approach. With our 7-steps plan we help you on the road to success: we take your data-driven strategy and, based on a number of critical milestones, we determine which user case we implement on scale. We also assess what the omnichannel blueprint should look like for the future. Furthermore we address any trajectories with regard to make or buy, as well as in-house versus outsourcing.


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How we help

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Customized information management

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