NLDOET: Cmotions gets to work @ City Farm de Gagelsteede in Utrecht

20 March 2019

Together with thousands other organizations in the Netherlands, Oranje Fonds organized NLDOET on the 15th and 16th of March. This annual event is the biggest for volunteers in the Netherlands. NLDOET honors voluntary work and invites everyone to roll up their sleeves and support a good cause for a day.


Who Cares?

From our Who Cares programme we have organized Vitality Friday’s in 2019, a day where all things concerning vitality take center stage. Some weeks, our initiative is aimed at the community as a whole. Last Vitality Friday was centered around NLDOET. Our employees weathered the elements to contribute on Stadsboerderij de Gagelsteede (City Farm) in Utrecht.


De Gagelsteede

De Gagelsteede is situated in the middle of the green Overvecht district. People from all backgrounds and cultures visit this city farm. It offers education for schools in the neighborhood, and lessons about sustainability and nature. Also, visitors can participate in many different activities on the farm. A number of other organizations is represented on the farm as well, like the food garden, the neighborhood mobile and multiple welfare organizations.


Let’s get to work!

Our colleagues don’t mind a bit of wind and rain. After an extensive briefing by a staff member of the farm and after gathering the necessary tools, our employees got to work. Surrounded by chicken scurrying about, they planted new trees and plants. Weeding, shoveling and lugging heavy loads… no problem for our colleagues. The farm is now ready for summer! Off course there was time for a cuddle with the latest inhabitants of the farm, a small herd of newborn lambs. In the end, everybody had the opportunity to relax and warm up, while enjoying a drink and a bite to eat. We can be proud of the hard work we did!

To all of our collegues: thank you for your effort!


Take a look at the pictures below.


Next year, NLDOET will take place on the 13th and 14th of March. Will you join us?

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