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12 February 2020

Note: this event has been postponed, read more here.

Cmotions Nachos Hackathon 2020

Newspaper have told this story for years: the Netherlands is about to become a nacho state. The use of tortilla chips in bars and restaurants has become common practice and no vessel from South-America docks the harbor without having jalapeño pepers and crème fraiche hidden in banana boxes. Avocados are being cut up into guacamole in shady Dutch basements, while the Dutch police is pressed to discover the most exotic examples of this once innocent, triangular corn product.

‘Data was the new gold, nacho’s are the new data’.

To anticipate this development and to jump the bandwagon as well, the chosen theme for our hackathon later this year will be ‘Nachos’, organized by The Analytics Lab and Cmotions. On Friday April 3rd 2020 the participating teams will try to build their own data-driven nachos line, from production to sales. To beat the nacho brigade, this nacho line will be established with help from data (science). Who will have the best network, and who will get caught?

Briefing on the details and the location of the transport is to follow. Mark the date on your calendar and ask collegues to form a strong kartel with 3 to 6 persons. Register your nacho-gang by sending an e-mail to

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