Multichannel Conference 20 April 2017

27 March 2017

From our self-driving car to your multi-channel 1-on-1 communication challenges

On Thursday, 20 April 2017, our colleagues Jeroen Kromme and Simon Bolhuis attended the Multichannel Conference in Utrecht.

VR, AR, AI, ML … These days, marketeers need to assume the approaches of the Humanities and the Sciences at the same time. Saying on your CV that you are “creative” is no longer enough. Your data-driven competency is now valued just as highly. But what is this exactly? Where do you start? How do you go about it? And how do you make its presence known in your own organisation? In this session, we show how our self-driving car relates to 1-on-1 customer communication. With just one aim: to inspire and help you to get started with data and stand out from the crowd by doing so. We do this by taking you on a journey into the world of data science and making the connection with its application possibilities for marketing-related issues and more. We then illustrate this with a practical case study.


About the speakers

Jeroen Kromme is a Senior Consultant & Data Scientist at Cmotions. With the help of data and predictive analytics, Jeroen enables companies to get a better picture of customers’ needs and to optimise how these needs are interpreted. Simon Bolhuis is a Principal Consultant at Cmotions. In this role he helps organisations with data-driven business issues. As a co-founder of The Analytics Lab, Simon focuses on innovative projects where data & analytics can be applied with a focus on results.


Where and when

Date: Thursday, 20 April 2017
Time: 2.30 p.m. – 3.15 p.m.
Location: 25.Postkamer

Multichannel Conference 2017 will take place at:
DeFabrique, Westkanaaldijk 7 in Utrecht.
Travel directions are available here.

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