Making data work for you within a few simple steps

Does it sound too good to be true? Surely not! The Microsoft Azure Data Lakehouse processes data in a fast and structured way that allows, for example, dashboarding, advanced analytics or machine learning to be applied immediately. Cmotions helps you to use this, in order to establish a data architecture that is future-proof, quick and cheap.


First things first, what is a data lakehouse?

The data lakehouse is a relatively new concept that combines the benefits of a traditional data warehouse (DWH) with the advantages of a data lake.

As shown in the image below, a traditional DWH is suitable for storing structured data through data ETL: Extract, Transform and Load. It creates an environment where data is incrementally processed into usable pieces. Such a DWH often consists of a limited scalable environment where storage and calculations are expensive.


A data lake also allows for storage and processing of unstructured data (text, images, audio) but structured data is then still loaded to a traditional DWH, leading to the same rigid environment. In this article, you will read more about the difference between a DWH and data lake (text is in Dutch).


The Data Lakehouse combines both architectures, where the data remains stored in the data lake. This makes the cost very low (€0.01 per GB) and you only pay for the computing power you actually use. This also makes it infinitely scalable.


Quick realisation

The set-up process is fully automated, so the entire infrastructure can be ready within a day. The data can be accessed immediately and for example, you can start building dashboards right away.


Who is it for?

At Cmotions, we worked on a basic solution to make the implementation as generic as possible. This is the starting point with which we set up the solution, in accordance with the client’s specific requirements.

This way, costs and start-up time are low. This makes the implementation suitable for all types of organisations, big and small.

Such an implementation does not require in-house knowledge of dashboarding or analytics. Cmotions provides a robust infrastructure with templates, which an organisation then can use to get started. Depending on the expertise present, Cmotions can help the organisation get started, in order to make optimal use of the platform.


Azure Synapse by Microsoft

At Cmotions, we often work with Azure, which offers Synapse. Synapse makes it possible to set up the data lakehouse and process the data in an orderly way and make it accessible to other applications. For instance, it offers the possibility of setting up a virtual database. This makes it seem to users as if they are working with a “normal” database, but in fact they are working directly in the data lake. In addition, Synapse offers integration capabilities with a wide range of platforms and tools including Python and Spark for data science, advanced analytics and machine learning applications.


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