KNVB wins DDMA Customer Data Award 2017!

23 November 2017

The DDMA presented the Customer Data Award on Wednesday 22 November 2017. The award is presented each year by the DDMA to the company that most successfully uses customer data on operational, tactical and strategic levels. The nominees were assessed by a professional jury using various criteria, including yield, establishment within the company and the impact of their use of data on customers.

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This year, the award went to the Royal Dutch Football Association, the KNVB . The KNVB demonstrated its ability to take successful steps in marketing and experience in an extensive field with diverse data. Data (including customer data) was used in a thorough and structured way to apply segmentation and personalisation. Besides the KNVB, the other nominees were Vacanceselect, Manutan and Bilderberg Hotels, all three of which presented inspiring case studies.


“The winning case study from the KNVB is a great follow-up to last year’s winner, Vakmedianet. This case study also demonstrates that data and its creation application can have a huge impact on the development of your business strategy. In addition, the consistent layout of the organisation and thorough use of resources which result from the strategic choices that they took led to KNVB being picked as the winner.” Kees Groenewoud , Partner at Cmotions and Chairman of the Jury of the Customer Data Award


Volgens Marion Massop from the KNVB believes that the success lies partly in starting with a good foundation of customer data in a central database. That was a strong starting point towards building individual customer profiles and a football intelligence platform.

It was a brilliantly run evening with inspiring case studies and a delighted winner!

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