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The world of Data Science is changing in such a rapid pace and into such broad directions that it is impossible to even be informed on every aspect of our interesting work field, let alone use all of these marvelous insights in practice. Therefore, at The Analytics Lab and Cmotions, we focus on the parts of Data Science we can actually use in our daily work, enough innovation there already! But how do we keep ourselves informed, which sources do we find interesting to follow on a regular basis? Not only our work field is very broad, the number of sources to read/listen about it is also huge. Periodically, we exchange our preferred channels with each other. Since many of you might be in the same struggle to keep informed and inspired, we thought this might be interesting to share with you. By no means this is an extensive list, but these are the most common used sources by our Data Science consultants. Enjoy!



  • – Long running podcast show (almost 400 episodes) covering specific topics and many interviews with data science practitioners. Lots of career advice for starting data scientists
  • – very informative and fun series with interviews and multi-episode themes on NLP (natural language processing), Deep Learning and model interpretability. With many fun episodes where Kyle tries to explain all sorts of Data Science topics to his wife Linda, often with vivid examples including their parrot Yoshi
  • – Short (20-40min) episodes in which data pros Katie and Ben zoom in on specific analytical techniques and developments in data analysis and data science tools and techniques
  • – on python in general, but also episodes focused on Deep Learning specifically
  • – interviews with inspiring people from the Data Science work field.
  • https://soundcloud.comp-highlights – academical research on the field of NLP

Do you miss a valuable source in this list? Please let us know, we always love to broaden our horizon. For now, we can only wish you a lot of fun while immersing yourself in the world of Data Science!

Principal Consultant & Data Scientist
Principal Consultant & Data Scientist
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