How does the Online Check work?

We start with the Online Check, based on 10 questions to assess if there are any changes inside or outside your organization that are a potential risk for the usefulness of your predictive model. You will know your status in this regard within 5 minutes.

We will test the 4 following domains:


For the domain Organization we take a look at changes with regard to product line-up and the campaign, in relation to the model. The Data domain is about change in existing sources and possible newly disclosed data. For the domain World we zoom in on competitors, as well as on legislation. With regard to the domain Time we ask questions about monitoring and use of the model over time.

The score for each domain will result in one final score. Whenever the Online Check indicates an increased or high risk, we will recommend a more extensive scan to investigate such risk. For this purpose we have developed a roadmap that we will send to you by email. We can also perform this extensive scan when you do not have the time or knowledge to carry it out yourself. The results and any subsequent steps will be discussed collectively during an expert session.

Overview of the Online Check for your predictive model. This model is only available in Dutch, please contact us for more information:



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