Het Grootste Kennisfestival van Nederland – we’re back!

9 May 2018

Article written by Marketing, Marketing & Communicatie

Het Grootste Kennisfestival van Nederland, the biggest knowledge festival in the Netherlands, will take place on Thursday, 14 June 2018 from 1.00 p.m. to 10.00 p.m. A festival all about networking, whilst enjoying some music and delicious food and drinks. The Festival will be held in the same location as in previous years, in the Havenkwartier (Docklands) in Deventer: Scheepvaartstraat 13.

Two of our colleagues will be speaking on behalf of Cmotions at the festival:

2:05 p.m. – DOK H2O – ‘A room full of healthcare’ – Riens Koopman

Riens Koopman

Riens Koopman is giving a presentation on ‘Valuable Healthcare’. The healthcare sector is facing an immense challenge to be able to properly handle the growing demand for healthcare. How do you deliver care that is tailored to the patient, while simultaneously keeping healthcare costs under control? A lot of attention is currently paid to the Value Based Healthcare Model. This model has common ground with what happens in business. Subjects such as Operational Excellence, Process Mining, Customer Journey and Customer Experience will all be covered. What does all this mean in a healthcare context? How can healthcare be directed and operated in a more data-driven way? And where do you start?


6:05 p.m. – Mobile Theatre – ‘Creative Hub’ – Willem van der Geest

Willem van de Geest

Willem van der Geest is giving a presentation on ‘Artificial Intelligence: think big, start small’. Google’s new Artificial Intelligence platform Duplex was recently in the news with a huge milestone. It completed the Turing Test: the first non-human to have a conversation with someone without them noticing it was not a human. And this is only the beginning. It is no longer the preserve of the world’s big players to use A.I. – anybody can do it. Willem van der Geest, Consultant at Cmotions, takes us on a journey.


The festival provides a platform for stories. There will be 90 speakers and a variety of bands. Use the app to plan your own unique day at the festival full of fun workshops, bands, food and drink. This is a day when information and enjoyment go hand in hand. Check out the full programme, download the app or the programme booklet for Het grootste kennisfestival van Nederland.


Kennisfestival 2017

Interested in what it was like last year? Watch the Aftermovie here! Read more about the programme and our presentations at Kennisfestival 2017.


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