Het Grootste Kennisfestival van Nederland is inspiring and bringing people together – Cmotions was there

20 June 2018

The Netherlands’ largest knowledge festival, Het Grootste Kennisfestival van Nederland, was held once again on Thursday 14 June 2018 in the Havenkwartier (Docklands) in Deventer. Cmotions was represented with a number of partners and colleagues in attendance. It was a day full of inspiring speakers, musicians, workshop leaders and theatre makers.

With your programme booklet and food and drink tokens in hand, you walk into the festival grounds. The atmosphere is convivial and informal. The festival is packed full of all kinds of festival tents, trendy food trucks and covered areas where musicians add to the atmosphere as they perform. With such a varied programme on offer, the festival has something for everyone. Whether you want to find out more about developing leadership, the potential of your brain, or whether you want to find out what it’s like to sit in an ice bath, you’ve come to the right place. The interactive sessions make you reflect on everyday things whilst having fun. Rick van Asperen imparted upon his listening audience that “a good place to start is to stop doing half work” and Hans Vermaak explains that the nicest changes are the ones you do “yourself, just locally”.

We also had an opportunity to listen in on two of our own colleagues. Our colleague Riens Koopman was in “A room full of healthcare” with a workshop on value creation in healthcare and Willem van der Geest was in a mobile theatre talking about artificial intelligence. How you should think big and start small.

Het Grootste Kennisfestival van Nederland offers ample choice to fill your day as you wish. At times I wished I could be at two places at same time. A good reason to come again next year!

You can look at the photos here to get an idea of what it was like:



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