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Real nerds on Valentines day graph hearts instead of drawing them. My drawing skills are not what I like them to be, my R skills are though! Therefore, let’s draw a heart in R instead on paper!

dat<- data.frame(t=seq(0, 2*pi, by=0.01) )
xhrt<- function(t) 16*sin(t)^3
yhrt<- function(t) 13*cos(t)-5*cos(2*t)-2*cos(3*t)-cos(4*t)
with(dat, plot(x,y, type="l", axes=FALSE, frame.plot=FALSE, labels = FALSE, xlab = '', ylab = ''))
with(dat, polygon(x,y, col="#FF7575"))

Inspired by:

Jeroen Kromme
Principal Consultant Data Science
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