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At the prime nachos location of The Netherlands, RDM Next, in the harbour of Rotterdam, the Cmotions and Analytics Lab Nachos hackathon was won by the fantastic cartel of DPG Media. They are the ones to watch when you’re thinking of setting up a rivalling nacho line. Even though the other cartels really put them to the test, they managed to stay focused, keep their people in line and made sure their network was relevant. Well done DPG Media!

During this hackathon the cartels needed their creative, visualization, analytics and modelling skills to setup the most successful nachos line from producing, transporting, and distributing nachos.

Curious what this looked like? Check out our aftermovie!


Thanks to Jan Persoon for this amazing video. And again a big thank you to our participating cartels, thanks to all of you this edition of our hackathon was a huge success again! So thanks to ABN Amro, ANWB, DELA, DPG Media, Lifetri, Rabobank, Underlined and UWV!

Consultant & Data Scientist at Cmotions
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