DDMA and Cmotions introduce… the Data Academy

28 July 2015

The field in which we as marketers, researchers and data scientists work, is ever-changing. The question is not ‘if’ – the question is when you will let data play a bigger role within your organisation. Trendy articles abound, but how can you really be ready? In the Data Academy, Cmotions and DDMA will help you prepare – and they will guide you further to apply data as the ultimate link to customer-focus.


What is the Data Academy?

The DDMA, the branch organisation for data driven marketing, proudly founded the Data Academy in early 2015. The Data Academy is a training institute which offers courses of high quality in the field of data driven marketing. The Institute aims to offer a high quality, innovative array of courses with the goal to eliminate the lack of data knowledge in marketing departments. The Data Academy offers training in the following fields: the chances of data in a marketing driven organisation, privacy, data protection and data damage control, and the strengthening of personal competencies.


What does Cmotions do in the Data Academy?

To achieve this, Cmotions, together with DDMA, develops components of the course programme, the course material and is in charge of the appointment of the teachers. As an education partner, Cmotions is able to provide a high standard thanks to its rich experiences in its own training programmes (including the popular Masterclass Marketing Data Analysis).


What are the results of this cooperation?

So far, this has led to the availability of the following courses:

  • Introduction fact-based marketing (1 day);
  • Statistics as the basis for marketing;
  • Prevent mistakes in analysis;
  • Identify your target groups;
  • Identify your targets: how do you make the correct predictions?

By now, the first course has been completed. Our managing consultant Simon Bolhuis completed the pilot session Introduction Fact-Based Marketing. The training was rated with an 8 out of 10; the trainer himself was described as “excellent”. The coming months, enrolment is open for the remaining courses listed above.

The Data Academy for you?
Does this sound good to you? Take the leap to a fact-based organisation by taking a course at the Data Academy! You will find the complete list of courses and more information here.

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