Data visualization

“Which visualization is best for supporting my message?”
“How do I make readers who have little time, see the conclusion at first glance?”
“Which tools are available to spread my message?”

What is data visualization?

Literally, data visualization is displaying information visually. The manner in which this information is presented, gives a quick insight into patterns in this information, deviating numbers and trends.

Bringing your message across

In a world where we process more and more information every day, you have to fight to get attention for your message. For an analyst or data scientist, processing data and analysing the result, takes a lot of time. For completion, it is of the essence that a customer or stakeholder both receives and understands your message. For this, data visualization is the key. But why?

  • The human brain processes visual information up to 600.000 times faster than written text.
  • Images are trusted more than text.
  • Text which is supported by images, is read more often and is better remembered.
  • Images take up less space, the information density is higer.
  • Visual content is used most for educational purposes.


What can we do for you?

With regard to visualizing developing and collectingdata we share knowledge on which visualization is best for bringing a message across. You can call on us for practical questions, advice, inspiration, templates and questions about tooling and educational material. All of our efforts are aimed at bringing across the key message to the full extent, by making use of data visualization.

Data visualization


Practical examples

As a team we offer practical examples that offer insight into applying data visualization. For this, we use video’s and blogs (including the necessary scripts and data) in which we show you how to independently apply data visualization for your story. For bigger internal issues we use a project based approach for reaching the common goal.

One example of how we do this (and how to do it yourself):


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Customer cases data visualization



How we help

The development of an Insights hub for a more user-friendly information flow

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Optimal daily guidance in the contact centre

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