Data is the new gold when it matches your vision and mission

24 January 2018

Article written by Peter Reddering, Principal Consultant

Many organisations are unable to effectively use the data they have. Data can appear to be the holy grail to deliver on the promise to tell organisations exactly what they have to do. Or to show that they are doing the right things. Yet data and analysis are all too often an end in themselves. If they serve no other purpose, then they do not lead to any results either. Having a clear purpose and application for data provides direction, clarity, priorities and accountability for the utilisation of resources.

Cmotions has developed the Target To Data (TTD) model to provide direction and purpose for the utilisation of resources.

The multi-layered model links the utilisation of data to company objectives, provides specific detail for data strategy and ensures you can direct your actions based on the added value of data. Connecting objectives, drivers and resources all together at the highest level smashes the fragmentation that many organisations struggle with. “Smash the silos”. Prevent sub-optimal or contradictory data-related initiatives and bring the application of data in line with your organisation’s vision and mission.

Many of our clients use the model as a starting point to work in a more data-driven way and to set up the organisation accordingly. The model has been applied across the various industries in which we operate. From telecom to finance and public services.

Is your organisation ready to use the Target to Data model too? Read more about the model and test yourself!


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