Data governance

“To which extent can I trust the reports and analysis that I use to base my decisions upon?”
“I am a data-owner, but where exactly does my responsibility end?”
“How do i build a strong foundation for measuring data quality?”

What is data governance?

Data governance is the focal point where policies and responsibilities with regard to data are being assessed and implemented within the organization. From a policy for (managing) personal data to responsibilities for data stewards. Data governance is about the way of working with data within the organization and marks the starting point for many data-related activities.

Information-driven organization

“Data is the new oil” is a quote we hear quite often. Even though the expression has become somewhat obsolete, data really is the most important lifeline for any information-driven organization. But the amount of data has started to become too big to manage, while new legislation with regard to privacy and data security providing extra obstacles.


Data Management

Order is needed to address these challenges. Order in the chaos. When you consider data to be building blocks of information, then you better make sure there is order in your material, with clear and concise labels that tell you what it is, where it comes from and who the owner is. Ownership is important for knowing who to hold accountable whenever your building blocks show defects. Organizing dataflow and ownership, also called Data Management, is a wide area of expertise where people from many different departments in an organization, will have to work together.

From our standpoint, Data Management is not something that can be implemented as a project. It is about a change in culture and behavior within the organization and it requires new tooling and an extra effort and motivation from employees. However, persistence prevails. The reward is an increased insight into dataflows, the quality of data, security risks and being visibly GDPR-compliant. These are no small feats in this era that sees us working fact-based more and more.


What can we do for you?

With regard to Data Management, we closely monitor all developments in the market place and with regard to our area of expertise. We are working on a modular proposition and we organize knowledge sessions. Furthermore, we are discovering the many possibilities with regard to in-house developed data governance tooling. Finally, we have developed an own Data Management framework and data maturity assessment at Cmotions, which enables us to assess the level an organization has – and want to have – when it comes to Data Management and also what needs to be done to fulfil these ambitions.


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