Data Governance, a practical approach

“How do you actually know your reports are correct?”

This is actually a painful question, as it is often a pretty tricky one to answer. With the sheer number of data sources inside and outside an organisation, and the many ways the data from such sources can be applied, this raises questions about how reliable that data is.

Data Governance… a practical definition


All these questions are about how the use of data is managed. Our definition of data governance is brief, concise and to-the-point:

“The control measures in place to guarantee the availability, usability, integrity and security of data within an organisation.”


Our approach

We follow a clear model of steps to create not only a data governance framework covering all the aspects of management within an organisation, but we also provide practical tools that offer insights into what data is used for what and who is responsible for that data. For this, it is important to understand that good data governance must contribute towards building the data strategy within the business strategy. That is why ours is such a practical approach. Whatever we do in terms of control measures is tested on its direct and indirect contribution towards financial performance.

Our approach is therefore not purely theoretical but a pragmatic method with a view to substantiated results. We collaborate with the people who actually work with the data in practice to deliver conclusive insights and the right form of management.

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