Working at Cmotions

Working at Cmotions

What we do

All business owners and directors actually just have one question:
What do I need to do to get as much control as possible of a good future for my organisation?

As it happens, that’s exactly what we do: we apply advanced analytics and data science to explain and predict developments that business owners, directors and managers like you can take into account. So that you can adapt swiftly to changing circumstances and not be surprised by developments that you could have foreseen with the right models, analyses and insights.

Who we are

Cmotions comprises some 60 driven professionals all working at the cutting edge of advanced analytics, data science and their application in management and administrative issues.

Who are our clients
All our clients have one thing in common. They are all looking at the question of how you can apply data and analytics in a targeted way.

Some clients bring us in because they don’t yet have access to the right knowledge, methods and techniques. Or because they don’t yet have an analytics and data strategy. We also have clients that do already have access to these things but ask us to refine or expand them. After all, we are specialists and, no matter how far our clients have got, we can always offer added value with our expertise. Click here to see a few examples.

Consulting is a profession

The word consultancy is sometimes misused. With us is really a consultancy profession. You are therefore with our consultant if you have excellent knowledge and experience in the field of analytics and data science. You have knowledge of statistical methods and techniques. In addition, you have knowledge of data management, modeling, analysis and reporting. Tooling we work with include: R, Python, SAS, SPSS, Autobox and SQL.

But when are you a good consultant? With us, you are a good consultant if you also know that knowledge and experience successfully apply to a client and thus have an impact.

JSo you not only put in your knowledge to help a client, but also your person. Consultant in Cmotions also requires ‘personality’. You know how to deal with resistance, you convincing, you’re not afraid to say ‘no’ and you stand for your opinion. Even though the client finds something different.

Jurriaan Nagelkerke about Cmotions

"The challenge of a job as a Consultant at Cmotions is that you can apply and improve your knowledge every day during assignments with different parties in various sectors. For each assignment the question, the data and analysis environment and the organisational politics are slightly different. This makes every assignment challenging and ensures that you keep developing as a specialist and adviser."

Jurriaan Nagelkerke, Principal Consultant

Personal development is a must

We believe in working with everyone’s talents. Talents, in a way, are the mark of the personality. Personality traits have a major impact on people’s behaviour and their development and their opportunities for development. Talents also have an impact on your motivation. You naturally do better when you do work that suits your personal needs, preferences and talents.

That’s why we recruit, develop and assess you specifically on the talent that you already have but also want to develop further. We really care about individual attention and support. We provide practical work instructions to help you structure and monitor your assignments, but we also provide a dedicated mentor and training courses so you can continue to develop both your technical subject knowledge and your advising skills.

Working at Cmotions

More about what working at Cmotions is like

Working at Cmotions means you will do work for a wide variety of clients, taking the types of clients, the types and locations of the assignments and also your personal preferences and situation into account.

What we offer you

In our view, it is basic hygiene for an employer to offer good working conditions that are in line with the market. Above all, what we offer is an environment in which you can learn and develop, making mistakes which are an inevitable part of that. You have the freedom to work according to how you see things and you can go to any of your colleagues for the support or reflection you need.


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How do you like your coffee?

If you wonder if Cmotions is a good environment for you, please contact us. We like to take the time to spar with you about your development.


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