Cmotions helps IKEA to recognise customers

23 April 2015

Article written by Kees Groenewoud, Partner

In a special supplement with the Financieel Dagblad on 21 March 2015, Cmotions published an article about its role in the IKEA FAMILY programme. The programme aims to use IKEA’s customer knowledge for relevant communications via all channels.

“You can’t build a house with a hammer alone. And you can’t create customer loyalty just with a bit of plastic”, explains Kees Groenewoud, Director of Cmotions – a consultancy firm in the field of Fact-Based Marketing Management. Cmotions helps companies to make the best possible use of customer knowledge. Knowledge that companies often don’t realise they already have, distilled from the enormous quantity of customer data.

But what can you do with what data? How do you utilise that knowledge to better get to know your customers and win their loyalty? Groenewoud: “The foundation of every loyalty programme is customer-focused information management. The skill is in applying customer data in such a way that you can have a relevant dialogue with your customer. This makes them feel recognised and acknowledged, gives them a personalised experience and therefore a reason to come back to you.”

Cmotions is helping IKEA Belgium implement its customer loyalty objectives. IKEA wants to integrate various channels as much as possible in order to provide customers with a seamless, personalised and consistent brand experience.

In order to use IKEA’s customer knowledge for more relevant communication via all channels, Cmotions has:

  • refined their customer-focused ambitions and strategies
  • made their customer processes more professional
  • developed a customer-focused information environment
  • designed a reporting environment
  • run marketing campaigns for customer relevance

“We have appointed interim specialists, recruited new staff and provided bespoke training sessions. IKEA now has a professional CRM process with measurable results and a customer-centred business strategy”, Groenewoud enthusiastically continues. The results show that the programme closely matches the wishes and demands of current customers.

IKEA are enthusiastic too: IKEA’s Marketing Relationship Manager, Peter Boschman:
“Cmotions have dramatically accelerated our loyalty programme. Without their help, we could not have achieved what we have in such a relatively short period of time. We have been able to draw on the extensive experience of the Cmotions specialists; they have also helped us to bring the department to full strength. So, hats off to their approach, their pragmatism and their motivation! In them we have a partner that doesn’t just preach about customer focus, but actually practically helps to make it a reality.”


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