Cmotions boosts its ‘Who cares?’ programme and becomes a social stakeholder in Matchpoint Amersfoort

12 July 2018

How can we in the ‘Who Cares?’ programme further increase our impact on society? I have been trying to answer this question in my mind for some time. Our ‘Who Cares’ programme has been running for a while now and a number of activities have already taken place, including artificial intelligence for secondary schools, Mapathon and sporting activities. Alongside these, I was also looking for more concrete ways to apply our programme. So we decided to become a social stakeholder in Matchpoint Amersfoort!


Social stakeholder in Matchpoint Doing meaningful business in Amersfoort

It was a Friday afternoon when I was surfing the internet in search of inspiration. There’s so much information out there about corporate social responsibility! By chance, I ended up on the Matchpoint website and I was immediately excited about the innovative way they are encouraging the business community to do their bit for society.

Matchpoint is an organisation aimed at bringing together the business community and social organisations in and around Amersfoort. Doing meaningful business is important to them and for that reason we are delighted to join them. After a few meetings to get to know each other, we decided to become a social stakeholder in Matchpoint Amersfoort.

In a meeting with our Director, Kees Groenewoud, I said that I thought we in Cmotions could be doing more for other groups in and around Amersfoort. After all, we have put our offices here in Amersfoort but our employees come from all over the Netherlands. Therefore our social activities are often organised in various different locations around the country. But what are we actually doing specifically for those in and around Amersfoort? Not enough, in my view. By partnering with Matchpoint, we can really start making that happen!


Participation in the Match Exchange

As a result of our partnership with Matchpoint Amersfoort, we have taken part for the first time in the Match Exchange.

The Match Exchange is a unique meeting place for supply and demand. Demand from social organisations and supply from the business community. This can be in any of the four categories of “Knowledge & Expertise”, “Resources”, “Twice the Fun” and “Getting your Hands Dirty”. It’s exactly like a real trading floor where the companies stand in one part of the room and wait for the gong to sound, someone cuts a ribbon and then all the people from social organisations storm into the room with Match Exchange brochures in hand. Rushing to be the first to talk to the companies and hopefully make a “match”.
I was the lucky Cmotions delegate to make a “Knowledge & Expertise” match with a social organisation at the Match Exchange. It was a unique experience and certainly something we should do again!

Take a look at the pictures from Match Exchange 2018.

In addition to our participation at the Match Exchange, Matchpoint also gives us a fantastic network of social organisations that we can give support with resources. Last week we were thrilled to be able to treat the Kinga School – a special needs primary school – to some whiteboards and picture frames!

We are looking forward to all the new initiatives we are going to be able to set up with Matchpoint to do meaningful business!

An impression from the Match Exchange:

Keep me posted!

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