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At the beautiful Slot Zuylen, the Cluedo hackathon, organized by Cmotions and The Analytics Lab, was won by DELA’s team. In an exciting battle to predict the circumstances under which Dr. Blackbox was killed, they narrowly beat XS4ALL (second place).

During the Cluedo hackathon, the ten participating teams had to determine who was responsible for Dr. Blackbox’s murder through various modeling, visualization and ETL techniques.

For this occasion, the organizers had rebranded themselves as classic Cluedo characters, such as Colonel Mustard, Prince Azure and Madame Rose. Of course, the murder weapon and the location where the dastardly deed took place also had to be ascertained. DELA’s team proved to be the best at this.

Finally, an honorable mention goes to the Rabobank team. For the approach question, which in case of a tie would determine the winner, the teams had to predict at what time the surveillants paused on the day of Dr. Blackbox’s murder. Thanks to flawless “time series analysis,” the Rabobank approached this time at 10 minutes.

For an impression of the Cluedo hackathon, check out the atmospheric aftermovie.

We would like to thank our fantastic participants DELA, XS4ALL, Rabobank, ANWB, PGGM, Aegon, VIVAT, RDC, Eneco and Thomas for their enthusiasm and commitment during the hackathon! As far as we are concerned: next year again!

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