Cluedo Hackathon – showdown!

23 May 2019

Team DELA came out victorious at the Cluedo Hackathon, organized by Cmotions and The Analytics Lab on April 12th 2019 at beautiful Slot Zuylen. After a close contest predicting the circumstances under which Dr. Blackbox was killed, they just pipped runners-up XS4ALL.

Participating teams at the Cluedo Hackathon were given the challenge to determine who was responsible for the death of Dr. Black Box. To solve this riddle, they were allowed to use various modelling-, visualization- and ETL-techniques.

For this occasion, the organizers had assumed the identity of classic Cluedo characters, like Colonel Mustard, Prince Azure and Madame Rose. Naturally the team also had to find both the murder weapon and the location where this cowardly crime took place. In the end, team DELA turned out to be best equipped for this challenge.

Finally, an honourable mention goes out to the Rabobank team. For the ‘estimate’ question – used as a tiebreaker to determine the winner – the teams needed to predict the timeframe in which the surveillants took their break on the day Dr. Blackbox was murdered. Thanks to their impeccable ‘time series analysis’ team Rabobank got this timeframe correct within a frame of ten minutes.

A big thank you to our great participants DELA, XS4ALL, Rabobank, ANWB, PGGM, Aegon, VIVAT, RDC, Eneco and Thomas for their effort and enthusiasm during our Hackathon. Hope to see you next year!


Watch the aftermovie!


This article was previously published on The Analytics Lab.

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