VIVAT is the parent company for companies like Zwitserleven, Reaal, Proteq, nowGo and ACTIAM. These brands help their customers to clients to increase their financial self-sufficiency. VIVAT nurtures an agile and decisive culture where employees thrive and where the customer service improves every day.

Our assigment

To improve their service even more, VIVAT asked Cmotions to help obtain real-time insight into the contact centre.


What did we do?

Together with the VIVAT team, Cmotions created a dashboard architecture that collects all necessary data from the contact centre on one single platform. Subsequently, real-time insights can be extracted from this platform. All necessary insights are available in a clear PowerBI dashboard, so agents, coaches, staffing and MT-members have the information at their disposal on a daily basis.

Information like call-logs, activities, service cases, agent efficiency, service levels, customer- and employee satisfaction and the status of WFT-trainings is extracted from seven different sources. By displaying the information clearly, VIVAT gains insight in KPI’s like average handling time, customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, service levels, absentees, leads, code use by agents and time used on breaks. If any of these KPI’s is underperforming, the platform offers the possibility of downdrilling the underlying pages that exist for each KPI. On these pages the KPI’s are compared with relevant subject. Each category can be filtered on time, per team or per employee.


What’s the result?

Collecting important company information in one uniform dashboard architecture results in a number of advantages:

The new data platform and dashboard architecture enable coaches to help agents in the contact centre even better. Also, the system lets agents follow their actions directly. A third advantage is that agents can compare their own scores with best practices from their colleagues.

All these improvements let VIVAT offer its employees better opportunities to grow and improve its service towards customers.
Underneath is an example of the dashboard that we developed for VIVAT. Data behind the pictures dashboard is not factual as it has been generated by our Data Sampler, a software tool for simulating data.


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