Online Customer Contact Strategy

SNS Bank

SNS Bank

In 2014, bank customers are very demanding. They use every channel that they have access to. These are dominated by the online channels: web, mobile and social media, both in terms of commercial objectives and also service and customer objectives.

Rol Cmotions

In order to respond to this properly, Cmotions has developed, and implemented, an innovative online strategy for SNS Bank. We started with an analysis which we used to get an idea of the desired end situation. Cmotions then undertook the following steps for SNS Bank:

In order to inspire movement and excitement about the new strategy amongst SNS employees, Cmotions temporarily assumed final responsibility for the roll-out of the bank’s online strategy and online customer interaction. This involved a member of our team providing day-to-day direction to the team of online marketeers, administrators, designers, specialists and analysts.



In a short space of time, we obtained the following results for SNS:



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