Growth in customers through use of Data Science



NLZIET is a unique collaboration between three television companies: NPO, RTL and SBS Broadcasting. NLZIET subscribers can re-watch programmes at any time up to 365 days after they are broadcast by the twelve major broadcasters in the Netherlands, in return for a small fee. These programmes are provided on NLZIET for a longer time and in better picture quality than on the free catch-up services of the participating media companies. NLZIET also allows you to watch the programmes without any adverts and some of the programmes are available before they are broadcast on ordinary TV.

Increasing customer value

NLZIET wants to increase the value of and for its customers by acquiring new subscribers, extending the length of the relationship and preventing churn.

NLZIET asked Cmotions to help them to that end by creating insights from their customer data and applying these in their marketing campaigns.

What did we do?

NLZIET holds a large amount of subscriber data: their profile characteristics, their preferences and their actual viewing habits. This data is ideal to use when designing segmentations and predictive models on an individual customer level. Beyond basic segmentation by viewing habits, we also made models for predicting churn, for finding new customers with high potential and for making recommendations to active viewers. These models have since been expanded with new sources of information, e.g. duration of viewing.


We take the insights based on our analyses and feed them into NLZIET’s welcome and follow-up campaigns, with e-mail as their primary channel. The newsletters are now heavily tailored to individual subscribers. We are seeing that this also has a positive impact on the viewing habits and throughput vs. attachment of customers. The churn models have proven highly effective. We send “at-risk” customers recommendations and viewing tips that lead to a reduction in customer turnover. This applies even more so to trial subscribers. What’s more, amongst young customers we are seeing an increase in viewing by encouraging device and app usage via Social Media and Notifications.

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