Visualising the Cultural Audience

Municipality of Utrecht

Municipality of Utrecht

On behalf of the Municipality of Utrecht, Cmotions mapped out the cultural audiences of six different cultural institutions. The Municipality of Utrecht and the city’s cultural institutions all wish to work together to bring in larger and broader audiences.

Interactive Web Report

By combining data from a variety of sources (including some public sources) and the institutions themselves, Cmotions compiled an interactive web report for the municipality and the institutions.

This web report provides a description of the current visitors, a geographical indication of where the visitors come from and an analysis for the potential of areas of Utrecht where more audience can be found.

Culture for all!

Cultural institutions often have a great deal to offer, but nowhere near all residents know what that offering actually involves. Meanwhile, all the institutions in a city put in a lot of effort – separately – to attract larger audiences. What would happen if there was collaboration between institutions and sharing of visitor data (or other data) within Utrecht’s cultural sector? The Cultural Affairs department of the Municipality of Utrecht raised this question and created a pilot project in order to investigate how institutions could increase their audience reach and broaden their collaboration and data-sharing. This was guided by the artistic programme of each institution. Not only to obtain insight into each cultural institution’s own audience, but specifically the collaboration in this pilot project meant they could learn from one another’s insights and investigate further collaboration.



Key questions of the pilot project:

  1. Where in the city are the visitors from?
  2. What are the characteristics of the visitors?
  3. What preferences do visitors have?
  4. What is the difference between the visitors and other residents who do not engage with the cultural offering?

Such questions are aimed at obtaining more insight into the institution’s own audience, the other institutions’ audiences and for insights in order to improve audience reach.

There are six enthusiastic cultural institutions taking part in the pilot. They are rapidly learning about their own audiences and each other’s audiences. Aggregated visitor data is enriched with published CBS data and information from the Municipality of Utrecht’s residents’ survey. The results sometimes serve to confirm existing assumptions, but they often also deliver surprising new insights.


End Result

In addition to a report of the key conclusions, the knowledge is shared in an interactive web report. This includes components such as:

  1. a geographical illustration of visitors per institution and per area;
  2. interactive overviews of the characteristics of visitors per institution and;
  3. an analysis for potential new audience and possibilities for collaboration between institutions.

Weergave bezoekers gemeente Utrecht_EN


This way, the results are clear for all parties involved to see. The web reports are simple to use and each organisation can store them internally on a shared disk or intranet environment.

In the months ahead, we are going to work together on investigating a possible follow-up for this pilot to obtain further insights and build on the initial findings.


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Municipality of Utrecht about Cmotions

"This pilot project was delivered in a visually attractive manner and clearly presented to the cultural institutions. What I liked about the cooperation with Cmotions was that they collaborated independently with the cultural institutions and understood and included my comments on the social side of the project in the pilot."

David Langerak, Policy advisor Cultural Affairs


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