Develop a customer
contrat strategy



Cmotions developed a model and campaign for MoneYou, with the aim of developing and retaining customers. We decided on EDM campaigns relating to customers, development, retention campaigns and product usage.

We built up a central picture of customers and segmented those customers in order to communicate with them in a tailored, specific way by e-mail marketing and dynamic content in the online customer environment.

Cmotions developed a customer contact strategy and personas, allowing further optimisation of customer contact and increasing relevance, engagement and customer satisfaction.

Cmotions devised structures and work methods based on facts. This enables the optimal assessment, evaluation and refinement of campaigns and communications.



Our work resulted in customers buying more products, remains as customers for longer and appreciations their communications more. MoneYou now also has an organisation with insights into customers and customer development. They can optimise their marketing in a targeted way.


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