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The Matchis Foundation ensures that patients with leukaemia—blood cancer—who need to undergo a stem cell transplant are found the most suitable stem cell donor as quickly as possible. These patients need the transplant to save their lives. If a suitable donor is not found, they are likely to die.

At the beginning of 2016, Matchis was facing a number of challenges


The role of Cmotions

These requests and the small scale of the organisation meant that Cmotions had to perform a number of roles:


What did we do



A user-friendly CRM environment that equips the employees of Matchis itself to achieve its objectives and thereby give more patients another chance at life.


Experience for Cmotions

The combination of, on the one hand, being a “sparring partner” for strategic decisions, and, on the other hand, supporting implementation, and also getting involved in operations, made this project not only interesting but also really fun to do. All of the expertise relating to the various disciplines that Cmotions has in house was deployed for this project. The limitations of the budget were a challenge that was made possible by making and fine-tuning choices every day (SCRUM).

Cmotions has worked for charities in the past and has a health taskforce that works to harness knowledge and skills within Cmotions for the Healthcare sector. However, this experience, where social responsibility for this charity came together in combination with healthcare, was unique and highly motivating.

If, after reading this case study, you are interested in what you could do for Matchis as a donor, sponsor or in other ways, please visit the Matchis website.


Matchis about Cmotions

"Working together with Cmotions has been very enjoyable and above all highly informative for our organisation. Cmotions is a professional club of consultants that has found a great balance between introducing results-orientated and process-orientated solutions without losing sight of the human dimension. The consultant understood our business down to the level of processes but never lost sight of the bigger picture. She flexibly and pragmatically handled the circumstances that we encountered during the project. We also found Cmotions to be enormously engaged and flexible. For example, we were able to use their beautiful new base and a colleague with different knowledge or skills was temporarily deployed whenever required. All this without any impact to speak of on the budget or schedule. In addition, we have been through an enormous development of knowledge as an organisation, which has released a great deal of energy and enthusiasm in our staff. In a period of 6 months, we have selected and implemented a state-of-the-art CRM tool that will allow us in the short term to make more, and also above all better, use of relationships with our stem cell donors, our volunteers, ambassadors and professional contacts."

Carine Mijnarends, Manager of Donor Relations & Communications


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