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Luba Uitzendbureau

Luba brings together supply and demand in the regional employment market. Luba operates nationwide, both online and through its 50 branches all over the Netherlands, and is one of the leading flexible staffing solutions providers in the country. Luba approached Cmotions for a consultation to look into how they can use CRM to serve customers better, more effectively and more effectively.

First, Cmotions established what Luba’s CRM ambitions and objectives are in order to determine the CRM development path. On that basis, our advice was to start with customer value. The first things to come out of the project were Luba defining its customer value and calculating that value per customer.


Customer Value

Luba’s branches are periodically informed of customer value insights in the form of reports and dashboards. That has led the Luba organisation to start seeing its approach to customers and markets from a customer value perspective. On an area and branch level, they examined whether they are investing the right money and time in every customer. This gave Luba insights that led them to part company from certain customers. Their working processes have also been restructured and the acquisition phase now focuses on prospects with high potential customer value.

This focus on thinking about customer value has resulted in more effective and more efficient deployment of staff and also higher productivity in 2014!

A further step is to decide where Luba can find the most growth on the basis of customer value insights. Does Luba have the best chance of growing through acquiring, or in retaining, reclaiming or developing customers?


Luba about Cmotions

"By thinking about customer value, Luba has successfully made its business operations more efficient and more effective, which led to improved profitability in 2014. “Our profitability saw two-figure growth in 2014, in what has really not been an easy market,” says Johan Doornenbal, the director of Luba. “Cmotions is partly responsible for this success, thanks to their advice and implementing the way of thinking about customer value: it has provided added value for our company in several ways. We are extremely happy with the results that have been achieved so far and we enjoy working with them now and in the future!"

Johan Doornenbal, Directeur

"With Cmotions, we have an excellent CRM trajectory at Luba, where I am looking forward with pleasure and a little bit of pride. A working customer value model has been set and the company has begun structural data-driven market operation. Cmotions has proven itself as an expert, driven advisory organization with an interesting customer portfolio and above all also a club of nice, decent people."

Kaj Jalving, E-Commerce Manager


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