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IKEA België

IKEA België CRM Excellence

We were invited to work along with IKEA Belgium and contribute to their long-term CRM Strategy, which enables IKEA Belgium to develop a more segmented and data driven CRM approach.

Main goal was the improvement of the customer experience throughout the multichannel customer journey, by using actionable customer insights. Under the condition of managing any interaction with customers at available customer touch points within a well-orchestrated campaign management process. From strategy to implementation, we designed and used a multi-step approach.


Step 1: Determine common ambition of CRM and derive goals and approach

By using interviews, workshops and necessary desk research, we formulated a clear strategy and roadmap for implementation. Team members were appointed and mutual expectations shared. From the start we were very clear: this was not supposed to be a strategy solely on paper: together we would prove the worth in practice.



Step 2: Current status of CRM maturity and campaign management

Our consultants conducted a data audit as well as a process audit. This information was very much helpful to establish a common understanding and starting point for the strategy. At this point we also used our CRM Maturity Scan, the outcome of which helped to decide upon the urgent areas for development.


Step 3: Determine GAP from Ist to Soll and resources to bridge

Impact on the existing infrastructure and processes was assesed carefully. Output was used to write all necessary business requirements. Especially the design of the marketing database was a crucial step towards a succesfull implementation: “it all starts with data”.


Step 4: Bridging the GAP, ensuring timelines, milestones and budget

During this step we established, in close collaboration with IKEA Belgium and other stakeholders, the Marketing Datawarehouse (DWH). This DWH holds IKEA FAMILY-data, together with transactional details as well as recent digital interactions. We were able to implement the DWH succesfully. Parallel we implemented both the analytical application (FastStats as well as the campaign management application (PeopleStage. After implementation we managed the campaign process for a certain time until the team was extended with the much needed and well-qualified resources. During this step we also conducted a whole range of analysis, varying from baskets, RFM, campaign evaluations and e-mail performance scans. All of which is used to target customer audiences with relevant communication, regardless of channel.


Step 5: Structural insourcing of CRM in marketing, organisation and culture

Insourcing of the fact based campaign process was an extensive exercise to ensure the high quality IKEA Belgium was demanding for their customer experience. Therefore we designed and implemented a range of useful tools. We trained team members in their new roles and finally we were able to finalise this thrilling CRM journey!

IKEA België about Cmotions

"Working with the Cmotions team has been a very successful and pleasant experience all together. We have appreciated their down-to-earth, no-non sense approach. They have helped us build our understanding of what needed to be in place for us to develop our CRM program and have set up processes and tools to support us. They have also been very engaged in recruiting and training our own co-workers to allow us to be able to take over from them in due time. Every consultant we have worked with, no matter their speciality or degree of seniority, has shown a similar appetite for integrating in our team, adapting to our ways of working and supporting.

They have all shown a common willingness to deliver excellent quality. Apart from the professionalism of the consultants, we have appreciated the engagement of Cmotions management who are involved in following up how well the company delivers to the client’s objectives and keep a close eye on how the relationship is building. The first experience with Cmotions worked out so well that we have asked them to come back and support us with more development. And that’s always a very good sign!"

Anne-Clotilde Picot, Marketing & Customer Experience Manager

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