Effective campaigning through wide-ranging use of predictive models

The energy market is shifting rapidly!


More and more consumers are paying closer attention to their energy consumption and their energy bills. Essent is responding to this by striving to communicate the right message to the right customer at the right time via the right channel. The aim of this is to achieve the optimum balance between value for the customer and the value of the customer, which has benefits for both Essent and the customer alike.

Predictive models

To make these objectives happen requires, among other things, predictive models that can offer insights into future customer behaviour and therefore help to target the right customers with the right message. And that’s why Essent brought in Cmotions. Firstly to temporarily increase internal capacity in line with their ambitions. And secondly to enhance the knowledge and quality of their model-building.

In order to give greater impetus towards making their ambitions happen in a short space of time, a KPI was even developed for Predictive Modelling, which closely monitored the progress of all the models. One of the major components of this KPI was to activate the models by applying them in marketing campaigns. By doing so, Essent goes to show that predicting customer behaviour is not an end in itself, but a tool to run marketing more intelligently.

In collaboration with Cmotions, it took a relatively short time to develop the models required for the Essent and Energiedirect.nl formulas:

  • Value models
  • Response models for various Essent products and propositions
  • Switch models
  • Uplift models.

As you can see from this list, not only have we developed a large number of models for optimising the value of and for customers, we have also used new methodologies that other organisations have barely even started to apply. A good example of this is uplift modelling, which has produced powerful next-level models that have shown very good results in extension campaigns.


Programmatic Marketing

Creating value from Marketing Intelligence is set to become even more important in the years ahead as Essent has ambitions to start applying Programmatic Marketing. This involves placing the customer even more centrally than before, and better coordinating marketing activities with the customer’s current situation. Data and intelligence are major prerequisites for this, and so have an essential part to play in Programmatic Marketing. So we will start using the predictive models that have been developed even more intensively than we did before Programmatic Marketing. By optimally responding to real-time events and triggers from customers, for example. Doing all this means we can create even more value for the customer, and for Essent.




Essent about Cmotions

"Cmotions has enabled us to develop a large quantity of predictive models in a short space of time. This has represented a substantial input of added value, both in terms of resources and expertise. This specific knowledge has been passed onto our own analysts, so we have grown in terms of what we can achieve. I have found Cmotions to be a reliable partner with highly motivated and knowledgeable professionals."

Mark van Heugten, Manager Marketing Analytics & Customer Insights

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