Focusing on Customer Value



Over the past few years, the energy market has increasingly become a very competitive one. This means that more and more consumers are discovering that they can save money by switching energy suppliers. It is increasingly difficult for energy suppliers to acquire, develop and retain customers. This is putting pressure on their margins. E.ON Benelux was facing the same challenges. So it was time to talk to Cmotions and to ask for advice.

Rol Cmotions

Following this discussion, Cmotions did the following:

Now that customer value is available on the customer level, it can be applied in acquisition, development and retention policy. It is now also a crucial measure in BTL campaigns, allowing these too to be evaluated on the basis of value.

A major follow-up step is to develop good customer segmentation. Segmentation and customer value will then be key building blocks for the customer contact strategy, which will ultimately allow customer value and customer retention to be optimised.

This customer contact strategy is currently being developed in collaboration with the other countries. The best practices they share will ultimately form a solid strategy on the national and international level.

E.ON about Cmotions

"Cmotions has utilised its knowledge to turn an idea into something tangible and practically applicable. They have done this whilst being able to interpret what E.ON wanted and turn it into a customer valuation, which gives us fantastic insights and enables us to make the right decisions. Cmotions has worked in an extremely pragmatic manner, communicating the objective clearly to everyone involved in the company and they achieved results in record time. Without the expertise of Cmotions, it would have been terribly challenging for E.ON to obtain such insights in this timeframe."

Dirk van Gestel, Manager Product Marketing

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