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Avero Achmea

With a coverage of 50% of the population, Achmea is the largest insurance provider in the Netherlands. It sells healthcare and income insurance, among other things, under various brand names. From June until October 2014 Cmotions improved the annual marketing campaign for Avéro, Achmea’s brand that sells insurance via independent advisers.

What did the client request?

Avéro Achmea’s marketing department wanted to use its data for more than just operational purposes – namely, also for the improvement of the customer experience. After inspiration sessions with senior management and Cmotions, two projects were selected to get support internally for the following idea:

Customer Insight”: Developing a ‘next-best offer’ model for independent advisers;
Filling Up”: Learn more about customers who buy healthcare insurance, in order to improve the effect of marketing efforts.
Project 1 was executed for the service provider of Avéro. Cmotions was asked to analyse its existing data and advise Avéro on how to use this data for more focused (“targeted”) marketing communications. Via omnichannel campaign management the provider was able to turn Avéro’s strategy into reality.

Project 2 was focused on increasing the “share of wallet” of existing customers. Cmotions executed a segmentation analysis in order to better understand the motives of customers. The segments found were also a good basis for the determination of the direction and content of marketing communications.


What did we do?

The role of Cmotions in the first project was one of inspiration, exploration and support. Once Avéro’s management was convinced of the importance of fact-based marketing, we explored the data’s quality and possibilities. Subsequently, models were developed that dealt with potential and suitable offers – “next best offers”. Although there was no abundance of data available yet, we managed to develop a model that Avéro’s service provider could use right away for its marketing efforts. After providing them with this model, we internally supported the development of a “proof of concept” – a case that strengthens such a “next best offer” model. The second project also started with a data audit to gain insight into the data quality and options for customer identification and “targeting” of customers. This audit, along with the analyses that followed, yielded surprising customer insights. They taught us to base segmentation on social status and life phase. The results of the study were applied immediately in Avéro’s communication tactics.


What was the result?

The first study was conducted with the support of two pre-selected advisers. They managed approximately 6,300 customers. Using the various “next best offer” models that we developed, an incredible 3,500 “offers” from six product groups could be made. For the development of the “proof of concept” we took one of the product groups. The advisers were then supported in the execution of a marketing campaign. This campaign consisted of a direct mail, followed by telemarketing and a personal meeting. 24% of the offers from this “proof of concept” were actually accepted.

After improvement of the data quality, the second study resulted in a strongly improved customer insight. This insight offers possibilities to “up sell”, “cross sell” and improve the customer retention rate. In addition, using external data (for instance, customer profile, life phase, education level), we were able to segment customers into unique groups. The latter offers enormous potential for marketing communications in which the situation of the customer is the main priority.

Avéro has evolved when it comes to customer knowledge and customer approach. The annual campaign was much more effective than the same campaign in previous years.

Avéro Achmea about Cmotions

"The investment I made in this data analysis has paid for itself, because we were able to campaign much more effectively and attract customers of a higher quality."

Erwin Kempen, Manager Business Development

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