From strategy to design to implementation

Argenta Netherlands

Argenta Netherlands

Argenta is a bank for mortgages, savings and insurance. It has been rock solid in Belgium for 60 years. Argenta is a bank for people, not businesses. They are there for people who don’t like risks and make common sense financial decisions.

Our assignment

In 2015, in collaboration with a team from Argenta Netherlands, Cmotions established a digital strategy for the bank and turned this into a roadmap for using customer (and other) data to shape the development of the organisation, the brand and their customer relationships.


Digital strategy and roadmap

Any financial services provider that falls behind in this rapidly digitising world faces an existential threat. In 2015, Argenta Netherlands, informed by their need to better know and understand their customers, and to be relevant and to be able to proactively advise, embarked upon its journey towards becoming a modern family bank. To this end, Cmotions helped them to establish a common vision and strategy. With our eyes on this point on the horizon, we set to work together to build new digital service concepts, and brand and relationship structures, whilst in parallel giving direction to the necessary underlying data design. The conversion into a roadmap and business case laid the foundations for taking concrete and targeted actions.


From strategy to design to implementation

Based on that plan, Cmotions and Argenta took steps together to shape a marketing and online landscape and organisation with selected partners and new staff. In addition, the foundations, design and management of data were shaped in order to tap into the power of customer knowledge. Cmotions is currently supporting the team with the steps it is undertaking towards relevant customer interaction and becoming a learning organisation.


Full speed ahead

Argenta Netherlands is currently working at full speed ahead on implementation. A new website was launched in September 2016, and the online Argenta mortgage process was introduced recently. This is clearer and more user-friendly and is shaping their new market positioning. It also features more options in the secure online banking environment. The next steps are focused on new propositions and forms of customer service and on growing the Argenta brand and the relationship with customers. Individual customer data, coupled with being relevant for Argenta customers at the right moment in time, naturally plays an important part in this.

By implementing the digital strategy, the right data foundations and the processes for relevant customer interaction, Argenta Netherlands is equipped to continue enacting the ambitions they set themselves.


Argenta Netherlands about Cmotions

"Cmotions has been involved ever since the planning stage and has made a valuable contribution towards our marketing (online marketing setup and organisation) and data management. Cmotions people are equipped to quickly understand the subject matter with regards to what we need at Argenta and, more importantly, they deliver."

Marinka van der Meer, CEO


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