Achmea Business Meetup on data preparation @ Cmotions

23 March 2018

On March the 14th, at the request of Achmea, we hosted a Business Meetup at the Cmotions office. We brought various companies together around a table to brainstorm and inspire each other on the subject of data preparation. Data preparation often isn’t a sexy enough topic to be covered at conferences and other gatherings, but it is a substantial and important part of an analyst’s work. This is why Achmea needed to share ideas on the subject with other key players on the Dutch market.

Some 10 analysts and analytics managers met on Wednesday afternoon to share their thoughts about it. Inspired by presentations by two of the companies represented, they discussed how data preparation can be fully or partially automated and with what tooling and, of course, the topical subject of privacy law came up too. Cmotions led the discussion and made a series of provocative statements to push the participants to reflect on what is feasible and desirable when it comes to the automation of data preparation. We continued our discussions about this and other subjects whilst enjoying some food and drink together afterwards.

We can look back on an inspiring session and thank all those who attended for their input!


You can see a selection of photos below

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