Positioning Strategy

Mapping (target)<br>vs. Mapping (actual)

Mapping (target)
vs. Mapping (actual)

How am I seen and how do I want to be seen?

Following a market and target group analysis, we carry out market research amongst the relevant target groups to identify the current and desired positioning. Our preference is to do this using “free” techniques such as natural grouping. The positioning diagrams that this produces form a good basis for identifying the most desirable positioning in the context of all the competition.

The insights that are created are the basis for formulating your positioning strategy.

Target Groups<br>and Propositions

Target Groups
and Propositions

Who are we targeting and with what offering?

Together with you we will determine the most promising product-market combinations. Partly based on analyses (what-ifs, etc.), we describe the target groups as clearly as possible in terms of their current and potential size, profile, preferences and needs, and the propositions to match. We also define the most promising customer journeys for each segment and make estimates for the most appropriate metrics such as yield, cost, margin and customer satisfaction.

All these insights make up the input for a business case and a plan of action.

Business Case<br>and Roadmap

Business Case
and Roadmap

What is the outcome of this and
how do we get there?

With the ingredients from the previous stage, we put together business cases, each with their own scenario planning. This produces strategic options on how to approach the market. Then we work with you to work out how we can make it happen. The outcome of all this is a pragmatic roadmap. If necessary, we will help the organisation to acquire the right skills and working methods for a successful roll-out.

The final result is a distinctive market position with more revenue flows, increased customer value and improved customer experience thanks to engaged and motivated employees.

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