Content Optimisation with Big Data Science

Content Mapping<br>and Mining

Content Mapping
and Mining

Who uses what and when?

We set out all the content (print, visuals and video) and turn it into data that can be used for data mining with techniques such as text mining and keyword extraction. We link the insights produced by this big data mining to the customers’ actual behaviour and profiles in order to get a clear insight into the content they prefer and when they consume it.

The insights this creates, and a benchmark of the competition, make up the basis for segmentation.

Segmentation Based<br>on Content

Segmentation Based
on Content

Who are we targeting and with what?

We use segmentation analyses to identify the most promising target groups and the corresponding content profiles. This leads to the formulation of segment and content strategies. This forms the basis for buying or producing new content.

We formulate a pragmatic Content Plan to translate the segmentation-content strategy into practical actions to take.

Next Best Offer<br>Models

Next Best Offer

How do we apply this?

As well as using content as part of specific propositions for acquisition and positioning, we also develop Next Best Offer models on an individual customer level. These are the input for focused 1-on-1 inbound and outbound marketing campaigns. The results must be properly measured and tracked in order for the campaigns to be continuously tuned.

The content strategy improves relevance for the customer, which improves their customer experience too. As a result, existing customers have higher customer value and you attract new groups of customers.

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