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Personalisation & Omnichannel

Personalisation & Omnichannel

If you want to be at the top of the consumer’s mind, you need to give them the right message at the right time in a personal way and via their channel of choice. Essentially, we must be relevant and personal. That starts with customer identification and recognition. This is a particularly big step for traditional retail. It means deciding who you want to be, i.e. who is your desired customer, based on your mission and vision. But also based on analysis of the value of and for the customer.

From these two starting points we then look at how we can be relevant on the basis of customer behaviour and triggers from the data. With the help of marketing automation, the right processes and organisation, we can also do it in a cost-efficient and punctual way. Because we generate new data with everything we do, we create a learning, adaptive organisation, which in turn ensures that the customer and the customer’s needs are also thoroughly met in the long term.

Channel <br>Strategy


To get a clear idea of the importance and success of channels, and to make the right decisions on them, we help retailers to put together and implement a 3-step omnichannel/channel strategy. Based on an analysis and benchmark, we can get a clear understanding of how the channels are performing, how this compares to the competition, and what further data and insights are needed in order to make the right decisions on this and to provide direction.

This analysis and positioning is used to decide the strategy for optimising customer experience, cost-efficiency and seamless cooperation between the channels, each in their chosen role. Before you can successfully implement a strategy, you need to have the right team. We can design, or redesign, an organisation and set up a data-driven management model to ensure that the strategy closely resembles the plan on paper and is successful in the long term.

 Customer value optimisation

Customer value optimisation

We determine the value of and for the customer based on the data available and a touchpoint analysis. By ascertaining the underlying drivers behind these values, we can then illustrate in our Target to Data Model how our company can develop value and what data will help us to do so.

By ascertaining the areas with the greatest potential and mapping them onto the current state of play, we unlock the insights to develop a roadmap towards increased value and customer experience.

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