Insight into planning and implementation

Dashboard optimisation

Dashboard optimisation

How can I quickly get insight into the opportunities for optimisation of my processes?

Customer (and other) contact centres are increasingly facing the challenge of delivering a bespoke service provision at minimal costs. Our interactive customer interaction dashboard enables a customer contact centre to offer a more personalised service provision at lower costs.

Forecasting algorithms can make real-time recommendations, e.g. for the number of calls that can be expected in a certain period or the subjects of those calls. The dashboard can be arranged according to your own preference and is simple to use.

See the dashboard

Measuring effects

Measuring effects

How do I know programmes and projects are being implemented successfully? How can I be sure of that?

Municipalities are undergoing multiple improvements at the same time through programmes and projects. These could be about changing parking policies, helping young incapacity benefit claimants into employment or improving the feeling of safety around town.

How can you keep sight of the impact of all these changes? Are they actually offering added value for citizens and is that added value meeting expectations?

Targeted evaluation research, dashboarding and analyses based on your own data gives you an insight into what is working and what isn’t.

See the Cultural Audience Reach dashboard

Visualisation & reporting

Visualisation & reporting

How can I clearly present larger amounts of data and get initial insights?

An interactive report in the form of a dashboard is capable of presenting large amounts of data in a concise way and providing insights into any patterns and correlations. Insight into profile characteristics and displays on a map of the Netherlands often make it surprisingly straightforward to identify bottlenecks or opportunities through visualisation. Data can be used to support policy-making and implementation without the need for 1-to-1 interaction. This removes some of the worry about how to deal with ethical and privacy issues.

We set up a practical example of an easy-to-use interactive web report for cultural institutions in Utrecht for the “Open Audience” project.

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