Information-directed working

Supporting analytics

Supporting analytics

How can I work out the relationship between different data sources or predict future behaviour?

Whereas a dashboard provides insight into individual characteristics, you can view them in relation to each other using advanced analytics. A model can expose a set of characteristics which lie behind certain behaviour (e.g. attendance at a clinic could be decisive for premature school leavers at secondary school).

Value is created not only by modelling and identifying complex relationships but foremost also the ability to quantify the likelihood of certain behaviour (e.g. likelihood of claiming for social support provisions). A possible next step could be an estimate of the costs.

Organisational structure

Organisational structure

How can I safeguard data experiments in the primary process? How can data be applied in day-to-day work? Who is responsible for or the owner of the data?

In order to push the first pilots and exercises with data and data-driven direction further in the organisation, it is important to see to it that knowledge is passed on and embedded in the department responsible.

This may be a supporting department such as Information & Automation of Research & Statistics or a subject specialist/expert department. With appropriate roles and skills, you can take a further step towards data-driven working.

Training on the job

Training on the job

How do you make sure that your own colleagues are both willing and able to work with data? What knowledge and skills are required for an impactful data analyst or data scientist?

To be a data-driven municipality, you have to attract and develop staff with analytical skills (data analysts or data scientists). However, they also need to have knowledge of the municipality itself and the political circumstances.

We use a training programme to bring staff up to the right level, whilst at the same time taking into account the political context in which a municipality operates. In doing so we create expert and impactful internal analysts that can participate on both tactical and strategic level.

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