Data strategy

Data quality audit

Data quality audit

If we want to cash in on the power of data, we need to get an insight into the quality and applicability of the data itself.

To be able to form a genuine picture of reality, it is essential to start with data that is accurate, complete and reliable. For analysis purposes, indicators like how up-to-date and consistent the data is, are important.

In view of the desired next steps (dashboard, predictive model or similar) you can create insight by using an audit. Data cleaning can finally be applied to attain the desired quality.

Data Governance

Data Governance

How can I ensure there is a solid data infrastructure in my municipality? What data do I need and how should I make it available?

By designing a data governance structure, we help clients to take the right steps towards this and to continue developing and maintaining the power of data in the organisation.

These could be, for example, definitions of available data fields, appointing people responsible for the data and how to handle privacy.

Target to Data workshop

Target to Data workshop

Start working with data in a targeted way and using it to provide direction opens up insight into targets and primary processes.

In the Target to Data workshop, we are going to get to work in a really practical way by creating common insights into targets in a specific area of a municipality. It will also cover the relationship with drivers and influencers in achieving those targets.

By making the transition towards such resources as insights and relevant data, we are helping to deploy data with precision, so that they can ultimately make the right decisions.

When you link data to targets and safeguard its quality and continuity, then you can really use data to provide direction.

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