Content Optimisation with (Big) Data Science

Content Optimisation with (Big) Data Science

What is this consumer interested in and where does that interest come from?

We can help you to aggregate all content, whether it’s your own content or from a third party, for analysis purposes. Combined with usage information, such as clicking behaviour, we uncover the “soul” of that content: why does something appeal to an individual consumer? Which target group are we successfully reaching with this, and what ones are we not? By means of text, voice and/or image analysis, we add structure to unstructured content.

This makes it possible to profile content and its users, regardless of the source or quality of the content supplied.

Personalisation and Marketing Automation

Personalisation and Marketing Automation

Who is this consumer and what is the best thing I can offer them at this moment?

Many online or mobile content users are anonymous. In order to build a profound and lasting relationship, it is important to identify these anonymous users. We can get anonymous users to identify themselves through a combination of single sign-on, tracking (e.g. cross-device tracking) and temptation techniques. We follow their online behaviour and combine it with offline data, whilst respecting the applicable legal and moral parameters.

Due to the insights into the consumer we obtain and the content that is available, we can recommend content with personal relevance based on their customer profile, historic and real-time behaviour and the content available at the time. Constantly optimising this ensures a personal customer experience and loyal users. These detailed customer profiles help advertisers to reach their specific target group at the right moment and in the right context.

Maximising Customer Value

Maximising Customer Value

What is the existing and potential value of this consumer and how can I increase it?

When a free customer becomes a paying customer, our job is still far from done. We constantly analyse usage and monitor customer satisfaction to help prolong the customer relationship, maximise customer value by cross-selling and up-selling and prevent churn.

It is crucial to take the right action at the right moment: and that is how we help with data-driven optimisation of the full customer life cycle.

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