Relevant content and
high customer value for publishers

There was a time when mass coverage, confidence in journalistic authority and full-time subscriptions were the key to success. Those days are gone as publishers continue to lose their unique position in the media landscape. Advertisers have moved to a DIY approach via Facebook or Google and consumers are finding their news online and free of charge, without being too hung up about good journalistic values.

Data is the ultimate fuel for the business model of the future for publishers, which is all about attention and hyper-relevance. Due to data science and machine learning, it is now possible to analyse huge amounts of data in real time and to apply it in relevant content for individual customers and channels, in promising target groups for advertisers or in personalised subscription and payment options. This continuous, omnichannel relevance creates an individual quality experience and brand value, both of which are crucial for creating and sustaining the value perception of consumers and corporate clients alike.





Interested visitors

Valuable customers

Loyal advertisers

Reaching, motivating and retaining consumers with relevant content across media, to increase current and future individual customer value and to provide advertisers with promising target groups in the right context.

Customer developments

  • Shift towards digital and mobile Critical and less loyal
  • Is kritich en minder loyaal
  • Expecting personal treatment

Developments in the industry

  • Explosion of (user-generated) content
  • Growing perception that content is free
  • Cheap and fast advertising via Google or Facebook


Offering relevant, omnichannel content to individual consumers

From anonymous visitor to paying customer

Demonstrably valuable target groups for advertisers

Digitisation has given rise to fierce competition for the consumer's attention. It is an ongoing challenge for publishers to keep motivating visitors and subscribers with relevant information that is worth returning to and/or paying for.

Propositions - how Cmotions helps

With their continuous stream of new content, visitors and interactions, publishers have enormous potential "trapped" in their data. Cmotions can help to apply advanced data mining techniques to realistically and sustainably harness that potential.


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