Positioning and Excellence in a Uniform Market

The insurance market is susceptible to change and must constantly adapt to changing consumer behaviour, the rise of fintech, as well as legislation and regulation. Insurers are catching up by digitising their customer processes, claim departments and fraud detection. In order to survive and grow, insurers need to adopt a distinctive position. Before insurers can respond to individual customer needs, it is important for them to know how to properly handle the Big Data that is generated in this field.



Acquisition, Xsell and Retention

Satisfied customers (NPS)

Higher income

Lower costs

Better reputation

As margins are under such intense pressure, it is important to create a healthy balance in the value of a customer and the value that a supplier offers in return. The cornerstone of curbing the costs of performing their task is the efficiency of operations and customer processes. The corporate market will also be increasingly geared towards the retention of existing customers, whilst new services such as integrated staff management will need to deliver increased customer loyalty.

Customer developments

  • Power of customers is increasing
  • Growth in the sharing economy
  • Customer is not willing to pay for advice
  • Confidence in the sector is low

Developments in the industry

  • Consolidation
  • Intense pressure on margins
  • Fintech
  • Legislation and regulation


Positioning in concentrated market

Personalisation and omnichannel

Privacy-proof licence to operate

In order to be innovative and respond better to individual customer needs, insurers can gain great insight and applied knowledge from their customer data. There are strict rules in the industry on how to handle this data, the key question being whether or not these rules serve the interests of the customer. The General Data Protection Regulation offers more scope to use Big Data. Such Big Data is also ideal to use to innovate with new propositions and services.

Propositions - how Cmotions helps


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