Customer and Market Insights for Patient-Driven Marketing

In spite of a growing emphasis on certain specialisms, healthcare providers are experiencing a reduction in the intake of patients. There is now demand for greater insight into where patients come from in order to use that insight to influence the intake of patients itself and be able to better estimate healthcare production. The emphasis is also increasingly shifting from the healthcare institution alone towards the entire healthcare chain, hence the need for better insights into the full chain.

What market share do you have in the catchment area and what is the benchmark on a national level? Where are the patients coming from, both geographically and in terms of who is referring them? What factors are influencing these referrals? What patients are not coming and what is the outflow?



Insight into the value of each patient

Value-driven healthcare benefits from insights into the various treatment teams a patient will encounter with a certain diagnosis or diagnosis treatment combination (DBC). Measurements throughout the healthcare process can be used in order to make judgements on the results of the healthcare delivered to an entire patient group and also make it possible to improve and optimise healthcare processes. The quality of healthcare is rising and the costs are falling.

The results also make it easier to implement benchmarks with other healthcare institutions.

Healthcare Production Forecasting Model

Healthcare Production Forecasting Model

Forecasting anticipated healthcare production, available resources and utilisation rate

To make forecasting models, we have unique state-of-the-art software which makes a tangible difference from the usual statistics packages such as SPSS and SAS. It has been developed by specialists who work exclusively on forecasting and brings together the full range of knowledge in their field. For example, how to deal with missing data, outliers and the detection of causality.

The forecasting of healthcare production within institutions is a very important input for negotiations with health insurers. In addition, forecasting models can also be used to gain greater insight into the available resources and utilisation rate.
This software also offers a whole host of possibilities for the scenario approach and the performance of what-if analyses.

Healthcare providers overview


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