Valuable Applications of Analytics in Healthcare

The healthcare sector is susceptible to many developments such as increasingly complex legislation and regulation, limited budgets and the new role of the patient, who demands more bespoke treatment. Healthcare institutions have to demonstrate more than ever the added value of the healthcare they deliver. Making that happen relies on converting the vast quantity of data generated about patients, processes and performance into meaningful insights and knowledge. Big data, information management and analytics (including predictive analytics) play a major part in extracting value from data and taking data-driven decisions.


Affordable healthcare

Good-quality healthcare

Added value for the patient

Process optimisation



Due to the many developments in the healthcare sector, it is essential for healthcare providers to have current and up-to-date information. Information that is required in order to drive high-quality, affordable healthcare, but also to gain insights into the processes, production and the resources available. Using the available data more intelligently and converting it into valuable information makes processes more predictable, improves the utilisation rate of resources and increases the quality of care.

Patient developments

  • Patient in charge - directing the care process and in control of their own data
  • More bespoke treatment
  • Increasing quality requirements

Developments in the industry

  • Rising cost of healthcare
  • Digitisation and digital platforms
  • E-health
  • Complexity of healthcare


Insight into the full healthcare chain and anticipated healthcare production

Complexity and variety of the data landscape

Integrated chain approach - vertical silos

Insight into added value for the patient

To get added value out of the vast amount of available data generated in healthcare institutions, it is first necessary to make sure that the data can be easily unlocked and integrated. The possibilities for process optimisation are also increased by the broader application of data. Having a clear strategy provides direction for the KPIs relating to patient care and quality. Closer involvement from the patient in the entire healthcare chain and advancing technological developments make it possible to deliver more bespoke treatment to those receiving healthcare. This calls for patient processes to be restructured.

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