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Insight into Value Creation

Insight into Value Creation

Value from customers and for customers

We segment your customer base according to their current and potential value for the business. Then we investigate the drivers of this value and the role and experience that channels play in it. We do this by means of a touchpoint analysis, which is a thorough analysis of the customer journeys. Then we use our “target to data model” on these insights to identify how they relate to the main customer and business metrics.

The insights this creates, and a benchmark of the competitive environment, make up the basis for formulating your omnichannel strategy.

Point on<br>the Horizon

Point on
the Horizon

Where do we want to go?

Together with you, we formulate the organisation’s shared ambitions in terms of customer experience and engagement and pin down exactly what the desired situation is. Then we perform an impact analysis into what will be involved for the organisation to get from the current situation to the desired situation. We include not just the internal organisation itself but also processes, systems and your customer data.

We formulate a pragmatic roadmap to translate the strategic objectives into practical actions to take.

Optimum Customer Experience

Optimum Customer Experience

How do we get there?

If necessary, we help the business to implement the roadmap. Our aim in doing this is to ensure that the organisation can do it autonomously, i.e. by possessing the right skills, good systems and data. It is equally important to create a customer-focused culture and working method.

The result is increased customer value and an improved customer experience due to happy and motivated employees.

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