More and better healthcare for lower costs

The pressure is really on for health insurers. Changes in both curative and long-term healthcare are moving at a fast pace and quality requirements are rising. There is simultaneously a major political drive to curb the exponentially rising costs of healthcare. Meanwhile, health insurers also want to serve their customers as well as possible through all the possible channels in order to be competitive. Despite the fact that they are increasingly successful in this endeavour, the sector still struggles from having a negative image.


Income from premiums

Reasonable costs


Satisfied customers (NPS)

Better Reputation

To improve the customer experience and reputation of health insurers, a close look is being taken at how they perform their number-one task: to procure good-quality healthcare for reasonable costs. The cornerstone of curbing the costs of performing their task is the efficiency of internal processes and the prevention of fraud. The balance between the income from premiums and a reasonable level of costs is primarily determined by good healthcare procurement, which is becoming increasingly complex.

Customer developments

  • We are living longer
  • We are better informed
  • Social inequality

Developments in the industry

  • Innovation in healthcare
  • New business models
  • Pressure on health insurers


Personalisation & omnichannel

Privacy-proof licence to operate

Forecasting complex healthcare demand

In order to be innovative and respond better to individual customer needs, health insurers can gain great insight and applied knowledge from the customer data they already have. There are stringent rules in the industry on how to handle customer data, the key question being whether or not it serves the interests of the customer. The General Data Protection Regulation offers more scope to use Big Data. Such Big Data is also ideal to use to be able to better forecast healthcare demand.

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