Structuring the<br>Customer View

Structuring the
Customer View

How do I put together a customer focused datawarehouse? What data do I need and how should I make that data available?

One of the requirements of data-driven working is to unlock relevant data and make it available to people. Currently, it is often only available in primary systems and spread across different departments. We start by storing the available data in a uniform and customer focused way so that it can be used for analysis. Initially on a small scale so that we can quickly demonstrate added value.

This enhances knowledge of the chains that citizens move through and meets a key prerequisite for personalised interaction.



How can I get control over the chain of events? How can I keep the customer in sight whilst improving our efficiency at the same time?

When customers are dissatisfied and various different departments are involved in the provision of services, it is often unclear where to start. Cmotions breaks it down for you into clear, comprehensible steps by combining internal data, market research and diary studies with customers.

We do this together with the employees and our client to ensure that proposals with broad support come to the table.

Developing Competencies

Developing Competencies

How can I make sure that ambitious young analysts stay working at our large, political, governmental organisation? How can I increase the mobility of older analytical staff?

To be a data-driven government, it is critically important to attract and develop staff with analytical skills. We use a training programme to bring analysts up to the right level, whilst taking into account the strategic context in which a government body operates.

This is how we deliver competent and effective internal analysts who can contribute to discussions on a strategic level.

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